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Our Fabrics

Fabric selection definitely has a big impact on client satisfaction. At MyPapillon, we offer premium fabrics to satisfy our clientele and to cater to all types of hijab wearing.

Our team are well versed in characteristics of MyPapillon fabrics and how they will stand up to everyday use as well as cleaning. It is primordial to make responsible selections due to the daily use of hijab. While colour, style and client satisfaction are the domain of the designer, MyPapillon team often provide fabrics which are top rank in term of suitability, clean ability and longevity.

MyPapillon has introduced a variety of new hijabs in a selection of fabrics. As well as stocking a wide range of hijabs in different colours, fabrics and sizes, MyPapillon is happy to introduce a range of practical fabric choices to its customers, including cotton and cotton blends, premium satin, superior velvet, silk, chiffon crepe, rayon, moss crepe blends, and polyester.

MyPapillon aims to provide exquisite and exclusive fabrics of hijab fashion to Muslim women. In the future, MyPapillon dreams to expand the extensive ranges of superior fabrics used in its hijabs.

The main point for Muslim women is having scarves in different fabrics since different fabrics are better suited to different occasions and what fabric chosen is also affected by the season and climate. As such, sometimes women need a very light and breathable cotton, and at other times, women prefer a warmer blend to keep out the cold.

MyPapillon is proud to offer an extensive range of colours, prints and designs to its customers all year round.


Cotton Voile

Out of all of the fabrics to choose from, cotton is one of the. This material is a natural fiber that is revered for being light and breathable. In addition to that, cotton is inexpensiveeasy to wash and iron, and comes in many prints, colours, and textures.

Cotton voile is used at MyPapillon. Known for its softness, cottonvoile is unlike any other. Its yarns are strong, durable and fine creating a luxurious feel that lasts. The wovens created from the fiber are ideal for an array of hijabs. 


Royale Chiffon

This soft textured chiffon is flowy and easy to care for with minimal ironing needed. It is a light, soft and semi-sheer fabric. Delicate in appearance with soft feminine drapes which feature a slight texture which makes it easy to style as head scarves and perfect for everyday use. Chiffon is a soft and flowing fabric which drapes elegantly making it so perfect for hijabs. It has cooling effect and also a good insulator so provides warmth when needed. Flawless awning for a wide shawl can be achieved since it is not slippery like synthetic fibres.


Chiffon Georgette

This fabric is extremely easy to care for due to its “hassle free” characteristics, which is why it is extensively used as a blend with other fibres. It is also strong and resistant to shrinkage, stretching, wrinkling, and abrasion. It is readily washable and dries quickly, perfect for people on the go. Chiffon georgette is thicker than Chiffon Sakura and has grainy texture. This fine, light and airy georgette comes with extra length for a variety of modest, styling possibilities.


Royale Sateen Silk

The silk content gives it a luxurious lightweight softness. Matte back ensures that it holds in place, while the demi-shine front exudes elegance and sophistication, perfect for formal or casual occasions. 

No other fabric can quite compete with the sensations it gives when we feel it next to our skin. Imagine draping yourself in a silk satin fabric and feeling the softness and silky smoothness on your skin. Silk satin also has a somewhat cooling effect on its bearer.

Fabric’s silky weave also gives it a rich, glamorous presence. It has enough body to drape, hold its shape and move with the wearer.

When the weather is warm, the hijab wearer will immediately feel the silky sensation of satin like a breath of fresh air in the summertime.


Premium Sateen silk

This fabric is a high-quality satin silk that drapes beautifully when worn. With just the right amount of satin sheen, these luxurious scarves complement any outfit and bring with it a touch of glamour; perfect for those special events. Satin fabric is always been associated with luxury, romance, and sensuousness. Thus, this material is chosen in hijab making especially for MyPapillon brand to portray the feminine side. Furthermore, it has a smooth, lustrous surface and possesses the best draping qualities to fabricate hijab for Muslimas.


Premium Polysilk

Poly Silk is essentially polyester and silk - it is a mix designed to make the silk more durable, easy wash and wrinkle resistant. Poly silk is good in its shine and smooth texture. It is comfortable to handle and it is washable at home. Polysilk is a lightweight, shimmery drapery material with a silk-like appearance


Royale Velveteen Silk

Velveteen is a rich sounding word and it conjures up the softness of the fabric. A cotton fabric with a pile resembling velvet. Clothing fabric of cotton in twill or plain weaves made with a short close pile in imitation of velvet. This fabric gives a luxurious and cooling effect to the wearer. In addition to that, it has a soft drape and shimmering surface to appear exclusive and rich.

Same as silk, the Velveteen is one of the most elegant fabrics, with a lovely texture, that can be found in very intense and lively colours, with numerous patterns and themes in the actual fabric. Velvet feels soft on the skin; it’s glossy but not too bright, its rich appearance giving it a royal air. The aesthetic value is wonderful, and the velvet’s texture is smooth with a luxuriant look.


Super Micro-fibre Dual (both sides) Eyelet Fabrics


It is the latest-invented knitting fabrics with the game-changing mesh technology. It is engineered with moisture transport system through the bi-eyelet technique where it is able to wick sweat instantly and hence, regulate body temperature.


  1. maximum breathability
  2. soft and light weight
  3. stretchy
  4. durable
  5. fast-drying
  6. no ironing
  7. looks good, feel good and be comfort

It perfectly matches and fulfils the fundamental criteria for Muslim Sport Hijab.  Currently, it is the most used and sought-after fabric by all the well-known international sportswear companies.

The fabric is the most suitable fabric to be produced for inner wear because of its characteristics.



Organdy fabric is a sheer, lightweight, crisp material, similar in characteristics to silk organza. The sheer material is ideal for hijabs with a touch of classic elegance. Little that we know that organdy or organdie is the sheerest and crispest cotton cloth made. Awning for hijabs is easy to achieve using this type of fabric because of its characteristic.